Solar Batteries

Best Solar Batteries to Invest On

Homeowners usually look for the best solar energy panels, but your battery is equally important. Prior to assessing the best solar batteries, it’s vital to know what makes batteries so substantial. Thus, it’s worth querying about the best solar batteries for use in your home.

By installing solar panels, you can easily cut your monthly utility bills and at the same time minimizing your environmental footprint. An indispensable part of setting up your system is getting the best solar batteries to store power for use when the sun is not shining.

Types of Solar Batteries

Three main types of home solar electric power systems include grid inter-tied, grid inter-tied with battery backup and off-grid. These three broad types of home solar batteries vary in how closely connected as popularly known as the grid. Each type has powers that define how suited they are for your needs.

Off-Grid Solar Panel System

An off-grid home residential solar system does not boast any sort of connectivity with a traditional electric power grid. Without a proper connection to the utility grid, batteries are needed to balance the period of additional production and surplus demand. So to protect against shortfalls of power, especially when the system is under-producing and batteries are discharged, an electric generator should be added to the system.

Inter-tied Home Solar Panel System

The grid-connected system is very simple and is the most affordable way to connect PV models to consistent utility power. Batteries play a key role to maintain utility power but if the utility power decreases, it will shut the system down for safety reasons.

The inter-tied system makes use of an inverter that will easily convert the energy collected from the photovoltaic panel into AC power and support the panel of the electrical circuit breaker and offer more flexibility to the users.

Stand-Alone Solar Electric Systems

Solar electric systems do not need a battery to store electrical energy. In such a scenario, you can use the energy immediately. Moreover, you can use it to supply non-stop energy to DC appliances, water pumping and also telecommunications. The system is useful in sunlight and even at night and cloudy days. These also work well at places where the utility grid is almost impossible like boats, cabins, emergency backup systems and many more.

The functionality of the Solar Energy Storage System

Once you make the decision to stick with a solar system, you’ll have wide options to choose from and get installed on your rooftop. As far as their functionality is concerned, they collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. The electricity then passes through an inverter, which turns that fresh electricity into a type of current that you can use to light your house.

Most solar panel systems of today’s time can be well connected to local power grid systems which means that, if you produce more solar energy than your home use, the remaining energy is fed back into the grid. On the other hand, if your solar system does not produce enough energy, you’re free to draw energy from the grid.

Different batteries have different costs connected with them, and paying less money for a less powerful battery may not be an affordable option in the long run. So always pick a wise option that can satisfy you completely.

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