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Micro inverters; Cheaper, Convenient, and Safe

Getting prepared for power outages? If you are going to purchase an inverter, why not go a bit further and invest in micro inverters.

What are Micro inverters?

As the name suggests, they are small with less capacity (compared to your average inverter) and are, ultimately, inverters. Though their individual output is less, they still work with the same efficiency. So, you can use a micro-inverter for specific purposes or assemble multiple micro inverters to a single grid, thereby getting power output the same as any other large inverter. You might wonder about the fuss to get so many micro-inverters as a replacement. Read ahead further and you’ll come to know how using micro-inverters might just be more feasible for your household and lifestyle in the long run.


If you have a large inverter or have ever used one, maybe you’ll know (or possibly your electrician must have informed you) that certain risks are associated with the inverter, not because of the chemicals, but because of the incompatibility between size and design. The design that most inverters have is suitable for smaller sizes, so if you purchase a micro inverter, you and your house suffer less risk of hazardous activities and will have an efficient power output that will last for years (comparatively more).

Different products you can try

A wide range of micro inverters exists and lucky for everyone, we can find them online! The best stores you can get micro inverters from are green energy committed online stores. They handle multiple electric objects that work on solar power. They know the tech better than a pro and you can consult with them about your requirements and budget.

The best micro-inverter on the market right now, that can be used by beginners and experienced folks alike – is the “600 W 700 W Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter MPPT Waterproof Inversor DC 18 V – 50 V PV Input AC 120 V/220 V Pure Sine Wave Out Home Solar” (www.greeneum-market.com). Its name is enough to give you a summary of its qualities. Though the product can effectively handle water, you must understand that it is only in case of emergencies. Don’t let it sit in a water-prone or hot area just because it can tolerate them. It is an excellent and “smart” micro-inverter that costs lower than $250 and that too, with absolutely easy installation. Another interesting product is the “Portable Easy Mounting Off Grid Micro Inverter. It can survive harsh weather, is moisture-proof, and won’t cost you more than $900.

So, go ahead! Make your energy backups last longer, and let them make your life more convenient.

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