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Save Energy, Go Green Completely with Greeneum!

Solar energy equipment has become versatile, innovative, and advanced according to consumer needs. It is now possible to completely go off-grid, use renewable sources of energy, save huge chunks of money, and lessen your carbon footprint.

What are off-grid kits?

Living off-grid implies that all of your energy consumption is generated by the energy systems (solar panels and other equipment) at your home. Your house’s energy consumptions will not be connected to any, or the local power grid company. Firstly, your off-grid system will have solar panels that are responsible for catching sunlight and converting it into electrical energy (and storing it). It would then have a controller or a special setup that will let you control the off grid kit. A battery bank is then essential to store all the energy your solar panels are catching. An inverter along with many more minor tools and devices will also be included.

Who can use them?

Firstly, solar panels can be and must be used by everyone! However, off-grid solar systems are famous for being suitable for large-sized families and even some mid-sized ones. The energy produced and the energy consumed in these situations are in sync. If you are thinking about going off-grid, it is ideal for you and your family.

Are they cheap?

Yes, they are! Off-grid solar kits are priced adequately. Moreover, assuming it were to be a little costly, it still will be much cheaper than the heaps of money you’ll have to pay for power grid companies. Isn’t it a dream come true? You get to go green exclusively and at the same time, you are able to save some significant money.

Advantages of going off-grid

  • You become less reliant on others and any sort of technology.
  • Since you will be going green completely, the overall energy you and your family will consume will be comparatively cleaner.
  • Solar energy is a renewable and clean source of energy. Solar energy is also considered by many to be the cleanest source.
  • Both your family and your solar equipment will contribute much less to pollution.
  • Cheaper and a money-saving tool in the long run. Install solar off-grid kits now and save some for your children’s college!
  • There are off-grid kits available at lower prices with limited capacity. These are a lifesaver if you want to try off-grid systems but cannot afford them currently.
  • Your carbon footprint will decrease significantly.
  • Other energy resources as wind can be connected as well.

It’s time to save up some money, invest in going off-grid, and lessen your family’s contribution to global warming.

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