Greeneum specializes in tailored carbon offset solutions, designed to meet specific requirements, and offers curated offset portfolios for immediate accessibility.

Greeneum, a minority-owned consulting firm, specializes in the dynamic intersection of environmental impact and corporate strategy. Our mission is to deliver solutions that not only benefit the planet but also drive business success.

Beyond our expertise in sustainability consulting and carbon offset project development, Greeneum assists clients in procuring carbon offset credits through two distinct approaches. The first involves curated carbon offset sourcing via Certified Offset (CBCO) Portfolios. These portfolios provide immediate access to carefully selected and vetted carbon credits from various projects in a seamless transaction. The second approach involves bespoke carbon offset sourcing, tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements such as vintage, geography, project technology, and other unique attributes.

Throughout every carbon credit transaction, our clients receive expert guidance in selecting the right projects. Additionally, we provide ready-to-use marketing collateral that effortlessly communicates sustainability stories to customers, teams, investors, and other stakeholders.

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