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Go green this Year; Go Sustainable

Several types of solar equipment have been in use for years and have given us fruitful results. From lightning up homes to lighting up streets of entire cities, the technology has come quite far and is still evolving.

Reasons to use Solar Power

Solar energy and the equipment used to convert it into electrical energy do not produce any harmful substances in the environment, unlike fossil fuels. Also, solar energy is renewable, i.e., it will never get depleted and is available in huge amounts all the time. Among several types of renewable energy sources, solar energy could be the cleanest by far. It provides free energy easily and in a more concentrated form. Solar panels set up to utilize it are brilliantly engineered, and there is minimal wastage of power. You can use both online and offline solar equipment and kits. Either way, you will be lessening the burden on earth by going sustainable because using solar power decreases a person’s carbon footprint by a good percentage.

Solar Equipment and its Cost-Efficiency

Solar panels are intricately designed, so it’s natural to assume they might be costly. But they are really affordable. Because a huge variety of solar panels and kits exists, the price range is wide too. The average range might be around $3000 or $5000, and the highest a solar kit’s price can go to is $13000. Only rarely will you find products priced between $16000 and $18000. You will find multiple solar kits, some based on specific aspects of a house and some for the entire house. To avoid the hassle, you can opt for a 5KW solar home kit ( These kits are preferred by families all over America are cheaper than trying to set up custom solar equipment at home.

What is online and offline solar equipment?

The two types of solar equipment differ by connection to the local utility company. Online equipment is connected to the local grid, whereas offline are not. In the case of offline solar equipment and kits, you don’t have to rely on anyone and become comparatively more self-sustainable. Energy reports over the years have proven that offline solar equipment tends to save at least $1000 annually.

Different Options in Offline Solar Kits

You can get entire solar kits for your home or choose to take small steps. Green stores online will provide you with every option. You can start with a 5 kW carport solar system (, a DIY solar power kit (, or even an ETFE Flexible Solar Panel that is of 100 W and high quality (

Choose any kit and start your green journey!

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