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Easy to Carry and Easy to Maintain: Flexible Solar Cells

A type of solar cells are now available that are easily flexible, foldable, lightweight, and still are capable of converting sunlight into electrical energy. Travel is now easier and greener.

Is it possible for solar panels or cells to be flexible?

Yes, it is! Flexible solar panels’ construction involves the photovoltaic material to be ultra-thin. The solar panels thus become comparatively flexible and the solar cells on these panels earn the name of flexible solar cells.

Do flexible solar panels come cheap?

Flexible solar panels are cheaper than conventional panels. They are quite affordable and the prices depend on the product type, its capacity, and quality. If you are just starting out, your first trial product should cost around an average of 300$. However, the usual range you’ll see is 50$ – 1000$.

Types of Products made from flexible solar panels

The best product you can get from a wide array of flexible solar panel products is the one designed for homes, cars, and boats. These weigh around 1 kg and you can use them while camping or traveling. They can also be stored. The only requirement is to not use them for too long. Because of the material, there are limitations to its use. Their maximum power is 100W. They can be as cheap as 200$ or as high as 500$. Another useful product is the microinverter. With maximum power of 700 W or 600 W, these are cheap, low-maintenance, easy to install, and the best part is that they are waterproof. They will not cost you more than 250$ and are lighter than 2 kg. You can order the products online and without hassle, receive them at your doorstep.

How do you use Flexible Solar Cells?

  • Flexible solar panels are considered a convenient choice for industrial purposes.
  • You can try them for two reasons – firstly, they are cheaper but green. Secondly, you can use them as a trial if you’ve been considering installing off-grid kits or a solar panel system for your entire house.
  • If you are a busy person who cannot tend to a house-installed solar system (because they require some level of maintenance and checks), flexible solar panels are a better choice for you. They can be stored, moved around easily, and require no hassle during installation.

You can opt for monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, or thin-film solar panels. Each of them has a different set of qualities and each is known to be suitable to different kinds of people. You can go to a qualified online store and consult with them about what suits you best.

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